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Non-Partisan Candidate for City Council District 9 in Atlanta, GA

I am Amanda McGee, a non-partisan candidate running for Atlanta City Council District 9. My goal is to elucidate some of the key social, economic, and political issues affecting the constituents in the area while prioritizing specific funds to meet the needs of the people.

I am strongly committed to developing a comprehensive understanding of these issues at the grassroots level, stand for the people, and take all necessary measures to promote the overall growth and development of Atlanta as one of the most important metropolitan hubs of the United States.

My Promise

Atlanta has, indeed, evolved into one of the most populous cities in the United States and is recognized as an important center of national trade and commerce. Despite that, there are still plenty of serious issues that have been overlooked for decades and need immediate attention.

Our communities are not as safe as they once used to be due to an alarming increase in crime rates across the city. My promise is to advocate for public safety through better law enforcement and surveillance in District 9, thereby ensuring safer neighborhoods for our communities and families.

My early education background in the Department of Defense schools has helped inculcate in me the values of love, respect, and gratitude for the nation. Therefore, I am campaigning for cleaner streets to show the pride I have in my city. In addition to that, improving the educational standards of schools in District 9 and creating more opportunities for people also form the core of my agenda.

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